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about The Plum Creek Review

Started in 1964, the Plum Creek Review is Oberlin's oldest literary and arts magazine. It is devoted to publishing as many different creative forms as possible, including but not limited to prose, poetry, plays, translations, artwork and photography. Though it spent a little more than a decade (1997–2008) as Enchiridion, it has spent the past ten years under its original name. A record of the Editors-in-Chief of the magazine can be found at the bottom of the Staff page, beginning with the first year after Plum regained its original title.

As a student organization, the magazine is open to anyone, allowing creative writing students as well as those with an extracurricular interest in literature, arts, and publishing to take part in the entire process of creating a magazine, from reviewing incoming submission to designing layout. In addition putting out the magazine every semester, programs such as workshops, readings, and exhibitions are organized by the Plum Creek Review throughout the year.

The Plum Creek Review's goal is to foster the creative act, to give literary and non-literary artists a chance to see their work in print and to share it with others, and to bring together people for whom these things are important.

Many accomplished writers have gotten their starts in our little magazine, including two winners of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (Carl Dennis, 2002, and Franz Wright, 2004).

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