The staff presented on this page comprise the editorial staff of the 2018-19 Plum Creek Review, elected to their current positions by the 2017-18 full magazine staff.

Editors-in-Chief: Benjamin Silverman and Alice Koeninger


Managing Editor: Olivia Hanson


Treasurer: James Bilhartz



Publicity and Programming Coordinators: Henry Hicks, Annie Schoonover, &           Sam Fishman


Layout Editors: Renee Milligan and Rachel Weinstein


Editors-in-Chief, in review.


2018-19: Benjamin Silverman & Alice Koeninger

2017-18: Victoria Albacete & Melissa Karp

2016-17: Zoe Ginsberg & Katherine Dye

2015-16: Zoe Ginsberg, Katherine Dye, & Vida Weisblum

2014-15: Nicolas Seow & Alice Fishbein

2013-14: Ryann Eastman & Zachary Knoll

2012-13: Emily Wilson & Elisabeth Asher

2011-12: Galen Beebe, Emily Wilson, & Nicole Balin

2010-11: Lauren Clark, Galen Beebe, & Emily Wilson

2009-10: Lauren Clark, Jesse Miller, & Adam Chambers

2008-09: Chelsea Baker & Lauren Clark

2007-08: Benjamin Kossak & Maya Silver

2006-07: Benjamin Kossak & Dan Schaeffer